When I first started Folktale Fibers, there was a distinct lack of handspun yarn and fiber available online that was sourced from small local farms, or even just grown in the USA. I wanted to create a business with a strong focus on sustainability, not just in how the fiber I use is grown and prepared but also the health and wellbeing of everyone involved - me (the spinner & dyer), the animals that grow the fiber, the farmers who care for the animals, and you, the person who creates new things from my products. I choose my materials carefully with these things in mind, using simple,  eco-friendly methods to dye and wash my fiber.


Folktale is located on a small 4.5 acre farm in Westminster, MD. I raise registered nigerian dwarf miniature dairy goats, pygora fiber goats, rare/heritage breed chickens, and produce.

Me with my pygora goat Muriel right before her first shearing